8 Year Old Buck Kentucky Straight Bourbon

8 Year Old Buck Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bottled by Frank-Lin Distillers in California, but the actual source of the whiskey isn’t stated. It would seem to be from Kentucky. 45 % ABV, 90 proof. Cost, around $25-30.

Buck Bourbon

Frank Lin is the NDP company behind these boubons: Black Saddle, Bourbon Age, Buck Bourbon, Joshua Brook, Medley Bros., Old Medley, Potter’s and Wathen’s.

Color: Deep gold.
Nose: Nothing much to speak of. Disappointing.
Palete: Very gentle, obviously not a new spirit, no rough edges. That’s good. There is a bit of caramel there – and then that’s it. It just isn’t interesting or flavorful.  Nothing that would interest me in buying a bottle. I checked other reviews online, and they seemed to like it a bit more than me – but no one I’ve discussed the topic with has ever recommend this bourbon.

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