Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve

Forty Creek is a brand of Canadian whisky from John K. Hall, a first generation whisky maker. He started whisky making in 1992, in Grimsby, Ontario. Copper Pot was introduced in 2012. This is 43% ABV (86 proof.)

Unlike an American or Scotch whisky, Canadian Whiskeys are single-distillery blends. And instead of using a mixed grain mash bill, they make separate single grain whiskys, in this case rye, corn and barley. That is aged separately in oak barrels, and then blended together to age once more before bottling.

Color: Deep co[per.
Nose: Pleasant hints of toffee and sherry.
Palete: A warm wave of toffee or butterscotch, deep fruit or sherry, yet along with a spicy rye kick. A short finish but pleasant. Gentle enough to drink straight – but I’d serve it with an ice cube. This is the rye-forward whiskey, no doubt about it – but not as spicy as most American ryes that I have tried: what we have here is a special blend that marries a bourbon and rye into something special – and for such a low price, around $17-24, it’s on my “to buy” list!

Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve


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