Xaymaca Special Dry Plantation Jamaican Rum

Xaymaca Plantation Rum
Image from plantationrum.com

Distiller – Clarendon and Long Pond Distilleries in Jamaica. Clarendon uses a Pot Still (Vendôme,) while Long Pond uses Pot Still (John Dore.)

Aging – This rum was aged for 1 to 3 in ex-bourbon barrels on Barbados, then shipped on boats to Château de Bonbonnet in France, where it aged 1 more year in ex-cognac French oak casks. As such, this isn’t technically considered a Jamaican rum. It would only be considered that if all of the aging was in Jamaica.

Made from molasses, some fermented for 1 week, some for 3 weeks.

Volatile Substances : 312 g/hL AA
Esters : 156 g/hL AA
No sugar added.

43 %abv / 86 proof

Heavier and funkier than most rums that Americans are used to. Even a bit smokey. When I tried this in a larger group I saw that many rum lovers quite enjoyed it.

When nosing there is a blast of the traditional hogo (Haut Goût,) overly ripe fruit esters! On the palate I taste banana and pineapple, quite delicious, although a bit strong for me. (I’m still not a causal straight hogo style rum sipper.) This would be one heck of a rum in a cocktail!

Rating scale 5/7
1. This is rotgut. Drain pour.
2. Not so great. This needs some improvement. Not ready for prime time.
3. Just not working for me. Nothing obviously wrong, but not to my taste.
4. I enjoyed it yet I’m probably not going to buy a bottle.
5. This is a good whiskey, I’d like to purchase a bottle.
6. So good that I’d always like one of these on my spirits shelf.
7. One of the very best that I’ve had.

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