Hampden Estate Pure Single Jamaica Rums, 46% and overproof

My friends, I had the great opportunity to be part of a rum tasting event for products from La Maison (Paris) & Velier (from Luca Gargano , Italy.) This event was hosted by the Boston Rum Social Club. We tasted products from the Hampden Distillery in Jamaica and also from Worthy Park Estate, Jamaica.

Hampden Estate Rums Jamaica

(Image from their Instagram webpage)

Today’s review covers two rums from the Hampden Distillery, which is found in Trelawny parish, Wakefield, Jamaica. We’ll taste their Pure Single Jamaica Rums, 46% and their overproof version of this product. Most people don’t know about the Jamaican distilleries, so here is a bit of background from Matt Pietrek (I encourage readers to click the link and read his very informative article.)

“Hampden is an old-line Jamaican rum distillery, and by far the most unchanged from how it looked and operated hundreds of years ago. It produces the funkiest, highest ester rum of any Jamaican distillery, the direct result of a fermentation process that can only be described as downright frightening – a dim, hot, damp building where dirt, fungus… covers every square inch … Brick-lined pits set into the ground swirl with opaque brown mystery fluid. Nearby, wooden vats hold thousands of gallons of spent rum wash, covered with a thick layer of organic scum. The concentration of fungal spores in the air is off the charts. During Hampden’s several-weeks long, natural fermentation process, it’s exactly these conditions that ultimately result in their instantly identifiable fruity, funky, high-hogo Jamaican rum.”

These rums are distributed worldwide by La Maison & Velier.

Hampden Estate, Pure Single Jamaica Rum, 46%

High ester, wild fermented, 100% pot still, locally aged for over seven years

Nose – spicy, slightly smoky, heavy fermented fruits, banana, hint of cherry

Palate – peppery, bit of sweetness, fermented fruits

Quite complex, yet not overly pungent. Contains an array of scent and flavor that I am not used to. More complex than Foursquare products, but not as funky as a Jamaican Appleton 12 year old. Moderate mouthfeel. Long complex, tangy finish.

Hampden Estate, Pure Single Jamaica Rum, Overproof 60% abv

High ester, wild fermented, 100% pot still, locally aged for over seven years

Nose – slight cherry, funky fermented fruit, banana

Palate – very dark, coating the tongue , a slight bitterness but in a good way. It is a bit fruity as well.


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