Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

Distilled by Wyoming Whiskey

Mashbill 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% barley
44% ABV/88 proof

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch

Yeast strain “While our Mash Bill is in clear view, ask any distiller about their yeast and you’ll usually get a deafening silence. We’ll give you this much. To attain our profile, we use a combination of 2 yeasts; a high-yield yeast and a second proprietary yeast that yields a bit less, but produces a slightly fruitier alcohol.”

Since this is presumably young, it isn’t even labeled as “straight bourbon”, I didn’t have high hopes. But I have become a fan of their Outryder whiskey, so I thought that I’d give this a chance. And you know what? it was still pretty good. Better than I expected. I’m wondering if this flavor really does have a lot to do with their yeast strain.

Compare this to their Outryder bottled in bond whiskey.

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