High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon

High West Whiskey American Prairie Bourbon

46% abv/92 proof. Non-chill filtered.

High West American Prairie and other
Image from High West Distillery & Saloon, Facebook page.

This is a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys aged from 2 to 13 years. Only one of the distillers is named. One of the whiskeys is 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt from MGP of Indiana. Another is 84% corn, 8% rye, 8% malted barley, from an undisclosed source. And yet other whiskey mash bills are undisclosed due to contractual reasons.

What they say “High West is dedicated to preserving and promoting the American West. American Prairie is a superb premium bourbon whiskey dedicated to one of the greatest land preservation projects of our time. The American Prairie Reserve in Montana is a 5000 Square mile land tract the size of Connecticut restored to what Lewis and Clark would have seen. High West will donate 10% of after tax profits from each bottle to the American Prairie Foundation.”

Last year I tried a sample of this at a local store, and found it enjoyable. So this year, when I came across a 375 ml bottle I decided to pick it up. But what I tasted here was different than what I recalled.

Nose: Light corn and ethanol

Palate: A bit one-note, some warm corn, a touch of sweetness. Slight hint of caramel.

I’m guessing that younger blends are predominating. This bottle is okay, but nothing to write home about. Bill Straub over at Modern Thirst gave this a better review, and the people over at Flaviar also like it. Back in 2013, Josh Peters gave this a great review. They may have had a different blend than what is in my recent bottle. High West isn’t telling us precisely which bourbons they sourced to make this, and who they source from likely can change over time.  That’s the risk and possible reward of a NDP (non distiller produced), varying source bourbon.

Also see our review of High West rye whiskeys. Here are some related reviews: Modern Thirst reviewFlaviar review


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