Pendleton Blended Canadian Whisky

40% abv/80 proof. Distilled in Canada. Imported by Hood River Distillers, Oregon
This is the same outfit that brings in Pendleton 1910 Rye.

No age statement. At least three years old.

Pendleton Canadian Whisky


Here’s what they say “Based near the Cascade Range in Hood River, Oregon, we blend Canadian whiskies to achieve the inspired variations in flavor and character found in the Pendleton Whisky collection.  Starting with precise barrel-aging in hearty American Oak and finishing with glacier-fed waters from Mt. Hood, we’re introducing whisky enthusiasts to the easy drinking style that cowboys have loved for years.”

What does this mean? Not much. This tells us nothing about who distilled it, what grains they used, the age of the whiskey, in what barrels it was aged, or if they added flavorings. We basically just learn that this is a Canadian whisky.

Review: It is similar to Forty Creek Copper Pot Reserve. Nice flavor. But this whisky has a very thin mouthfeel. A mere hint of rye spice or caramel, and one can’t help but notice strong wine-like notes in it, possibly due to the addition of wine itself (a practice allowed under Canadian law)

It also reminds me of Snake River Canadian Whisky. Very sweet. This is probably the bottom tier product that they make. Nothing wrong with it – but nothing much to recommend it. Best used as a mixer with ginger ale.

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