David Nicholson 1843

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

50% abv/100 proof

David Nicholson 1843 bourbon

Bottled by the David Nicholson Distillery, MO, which is owned by Luxco.

My reading indicates that this whiksy may be sourced from Heaven Hill. However, if readers have more info on this, please contact me.

Age: At least – and likely at most – four years old.

Mash bill: Josh Peters writes “Being a wheated mashbill distilled by Heaven Hill this is the same whiskey that used to go in Old Fitz and now goes into Larceny and Rebel Yell.”

That would make the mash bill more than 51% corn, followed by wheat and then barley.

Nose: Corn, oak wood.

Palate: Corn, oak. This is dry and refined, but a bit one-note. Very little mouthfeel. Too thin or chill-filtered. Yet it has a pleasant taste and would be good as a mixer. Reminds me of Heaven Hill’s Old Ezra 7. This may be the same whiskey that when aged for 10 years, becomes Rebel Yell Ten Year Old Bourbon? Of course, that fantastically reviewed bourbon gets its flavor not only from the additional aging, but also due to careful barrel selection.

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