Silo whiskey

While vacationing in Vermont, I had a chance to drop by the stunning Copper Grouse, in Manchester. There I had the opportunity to sample Silo Whiskey and Smuggler’s Notch Bourbon Whiskey. Today I’m reviewing the Silo Whiskey.

Silo Whiskey and Smuggler's Notch Bourbon

What-they-say versus what we really experience:

“This whiskey is made with a mash bill built with a balanced blend of Vermont-grown corn and rye. Aging the whiskey in our bourbon barrels makes this spirit spicy and soul-warming, perfect for a fall night by the fire. Nose: Grain, Maple, Brown Sugar. / Palate: Corn, Rye, Honey, Graham Cracker, Almond.”

Color: Very light, little evidence of aging.

Nose: A faint hint of ethanol, and a faint wood aroma. None of the promised maple or brown sugar.

Palate: Unexpectedly thick mouthfeel. Surprising for something so young. But not much in the way of flavor. Nothing bad – but not much that was good. Usually the whiskey interacts with the charred barrel to develop an array of flavorful organic molecules, but these barrels were likely previously used to the point where they didn’t impart much flavor. The experience was more like sampling white dog (aka new make, distillate) than drinking an aged whiskey.

A corn whiskey that I enjoyed more was Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey, aged 3 years.

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