Blind Tasting with The Bourbon Quest

I had the pleasure of going to a wonderful blind taste test of 8 bourbons, set up by a New England blogger, The Bourbon Quest. Here we have eight boubons set up for a great group of enthusiasts and anoraks. They range from very commons, to hard to find specials.

Blind Tasting Salem Mass The Bourbon Quest

And here’s The Batcave, er, I mean, the main part of Brandon’s collection.

As for the whiskeys involved, and the results? I’ll be posting about that soon – but check out his websites (below) first!

The Stash at The Bourbon Quest Salem

Have you checked out The Bourbon Quest? From a fellow New Englander! With new reviews of Rock Hill Farms Bourbon, Rowan’s Creek, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel, Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey, Angel’s Envy, and more.

The Bourbon Quest – Website

The Bourbon Quest – Facebook

The Bourbon Quest – Instagram

Self-portrait of an artist

PaperCamera Blind Tasting Salem
Portrait of an artist as a whiskey blogger

pointing finger

Here you can check out our reviews of  bourbonScotch,  Irish whiskey,  Canadian whiskey,  ryes or flavored whiskys. And feel free to learn more about me, Distilled Sunshine.


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