Blind Tasting with The Bourbon Quest

I had the pleasure of going to a wonderful blind taste test of 8 bourbons, set up by a New England blogger, The Bourbon Quest. Here we have eight boubons set up for a great group of enthusiasts and anoraks. They range from very commons, to hard to find specials.

Blind Tasting Salem Mass The Bourbon Quest

And here’s The Batcave, er, I mean, the main part of Brandon’s collection.

As for the whiskeys involved, and the results? I’ll be posting about that soon – but check out his websites (below) first!

The Stash at The Bourbon Quest Salem

Have you checked out The Bourbon Quest? From a fellow New Englander! With new reviews of Rock Hill Farms Bourbon, Rowan’s Creek, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel, Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey, Angel’s Envy, and more.

The Bourbon Quest – Website

The Bourbon Quest – Facebook

The Bourbon Quest – Instagram

Self-portrait of an artist

PaperCamera Blind Tasting Salem


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