Whistlepig 10 year rye

Once again I have ventured forth to Codex, a 1920’s style speakeasy in Nashua, NH, to celebrate the winter season. Here my trusty companion and I sampled several of their offerings, including (rî)1 rye whiskey, Whistlepig 10 Year Rye, Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof – a CodeX special barrel – and a fabulous Kraken Black Spiced Rum and apple-cider cocktail.

Let’s take a look at the Whistlepig 10 year straight rye whiskey.

Whistlepig 10 year rye

First off, there is much bullshit about this “Vermont” whiskey. It’s simply not made in Vermont. All Whistlepig whiskeys are, and have been, sourced from distillers in Alberta, Canada, and only bottled at WhistlePig Farm in Vermont. Whistlepig has been distilling their own whiskey, and are already aging some, but it will be a number of years before their own whiskey is available for purchase, and when that happens, there is little likelihood that it would taste the same as the currently highly-reviewed, sourced Canadian whiskey that they have now.

100 proof. 100% rye mash bill. 10 year aged in charred oak barrels.

What they say “Fortune, superb taste, and hustle lead us to the discovery of an aged Rye Whiskey stock in Alberta, Canada. We rescued the stock from misuse as a blending whiskey, aged it in new American Oak with a bourbon barrel finish, then hand-bottled this rye on its own.

Price: Around $65 to $80

Color: Amber/gold

Nose: Sweet, no ethanol scent, which is good.

Palate: Has a completely different flavor from other ryes I have tried, like Pendleton, Sazerac, (rî)1 rye or Bulleit rye. Whistlepig 10 year is dense and flavorful, some floral aromatics, and an underlying subtle butterscotch.

But there is also a bitterness which isn’t to my liking. Is that allspice or anise that I am detecting?  Possibly. Some rye aficionados like this, and if so, this might be your jam. Despite the rave reviews – and high prices that people are willing to pay – I’m not finding myself a fan of this.

r1 1 rye at CodeX Nashua
A great flight

pointing finger

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