The World of Rum

Becky Paskin writes

The launch of a rum flavour map – similar to the one currently used by the Scotch whisky industry to differentiate between regions – is being trialled in the UK on-trade.

By categorising flavours of rum into three main styles – English-style rum, Spanish-style ron and French-style rhum – it is hoped consumers will understand the spirit more clearly, giving them confidence to choose a brand outside their comfort zone.

Designed by French West Indies rum distributor Spiridom, which looks after Rhum Clement and Rhum JM, the rum flavour map is being made available for the entire industry to use.

Matthieu de Lassus, export director for Spiridom, claimed the map could help rum on its way to becoming the next great spirit trend. “Without clear classification and information, customers can only rely on price, packaging and well-known international brands… If we do not manage to promote a simple segmentation, and to clarify the existing offer, my fear is that all our new customers will eventually turn away from this new-born premium rum category and return to other spirits categories which could be perceived as more ‘serious’.”

Article by Betty Paskin, The Spirits Business

The World of Rum Spiridom


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