Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller series

Limited Edition #2, Jess Motlow Edition

Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery (Brown-Forman Corporation.) We have a separate article addressin g the question, Is Jack Daniels bourbon? It is the best selling whiskey in the world.

There are a number of varieties, including

  • Old No. 7, aka Black Label.  The traditional Jack Daniel’s (80 proof/40% ABV)
  • Gentleman Jack: Charcoal filtered twice (80 proof/40% ABV).
  • Single Barrel: Whiskey sourced from a single barrel  (94 proof/47% ABV).
  • Green Label: A lighter version of Old No. 7, (80 proof/40% ABV).
  • Master Distiller series
  • Sinatra Select: Tribute to Frank Sinatra (90 proof / 45% ABV)

This bottling celebrates Jess Motlow, who saw the Distillery through Prohibition.

I’m not a fan of the regular Jack Daniels Black Label, and so didn’t expect much from this. Glad to be surprised! This is nothing like the regular Jack Daniels that I remember. It’s smoother, mellower and tastes like it is better aged. On the front palate there is honey, caramel, along with some charcoal flavor. On the back palate I detect a pepper bite, and burnt toffee. It sure doesn’t taste like most bourbon – that charcoal filtering can really make a difference. Did I enjoy it? You betcha. Good stuff. I’m still not quite sold on the Jack Daniels overall flavor profile – but this one still stands out among the rest. If you like Jack, this is worth getting!



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