Flaming Leprechaun Irish Whiskey

Made by Malcolm Brown Ltd. (Dundalk, Ireland.) The distiller says “Flaming Leprechaun Irish Whiskey is an original blend that is naturally golden in colour, with a slightly sweet smell and taste coming from the unique wood character of each hand picked cask. To keep the taste authentic, honest and true to the rich heritage of previous generations of distillers we ensure that no flavours, sweetness or allergens are added to the whiskey during the blending process.”

Do they have anything to say about themselves, before I review? Let’s look at their press release from Sept. ’16.

Flaming Leprechaun is an exciting new line of premium distilled spirits exported directly from Ireland. The brand, which is deeply rooted in traditional Irish heritage and culture, offers US consumers top-quality spirits with award-winning taste that captures all the fun of St. Patrick’s Day in every bottle. Their highly-anticipated [really? By whom?] premium products include…  The brand is expected to be a huge hit [really? By whom?] after receiving very impressive advance reviews in many of the major spirits publications; and a phenomenal showing at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where Flaming Leprechaun earned a grand total of five medals [Really? How hard is it to earn this kind of medal, at this kind of event?]

Okay, enough with the hype. We’ll let other blogs blindly republish press releases and present it as if it is their own material. Here we’re willing to read and listen – but the proof is in the tasting.

And…. meh. I can just taste a hint of smokiness from the sherry casks that it was aged in. It was … nice? No burn, not a strong nose. Just nothing special here to recommend it. An ordinary, passable whiskey.

Flaming Leprechaun Spirits


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