Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select

First had this whiskey a couple of years ago, and finally getting back to it for a proper review – and it’s far more delicious than I remember! It is made at the old Labrot & Graham distillery (1878) later purchased by Brown-Forman, which they renamed Woodford Reserve, as it is in Woodford County, Kentucky.  Made on pot stills and triple distilled. 90 proof (45 abv.)

Mashbill  72% corn, 18% rye and 10% malt.  Triple distilled in new oak barrels.

Color: amber.
Nose: lighter cocoa than Old Forester, a hint of maple, alcohol , light oak. A bit more aromatic than OF.
Palate: Lighter mouthfeel than Old Forester. No burn. Light caramel – I’m taste something that I can only call a floral toffee. A hint of smoke (yet not peaty), a corn-bourbon base. The mouthfeel is lightly oil-like (in a good way.) Highly recommended.

Woodford Reserve 2

Coming soon, a comparative taste test between Old Forester Signature and Woodford Reserve, two very similar bourbons from Brown-Forman.

Woodford Reserve and Old Forester 100 comparison


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