Old Forester Signature

This is a hell of a good straight bourbon whiskey- and a steal at just $22 in NH. Old Forester Signature 100 was recommended to me by a worker at a New Hampshire state liquor stores.


Some background

It is officially the longest running Bourbon on the market today (approximately 144 years as of 2015), and was the first bourbon sold exclusively in sealed bottles. It was first bottled and marketed in 1870 by the former pharmaceutical salesman turned bourbon-merchant George Garvin Brown – the founder of the Brown-Forman Corporation (whose descendants still manage the company). During the Prohibition period from 1920 to 1933, it was one of only 10 brands authorized for lawful production (for medicinal purposes).
– Old Forester. (2016, November 6). Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Mash Bill: 72% Corn, 18% Rye, 10% Barley Malt. No age statement; as a straight bourbon it’s been aged at least 2 years in new charred oak barrels, but likely four or more years older. Warm, powerful, at 100 proof it packs a wallop – there’s a bit of burn. So I have it with ice cubes. After it sits for a minute, the ice melts, the proof lowers, and then the flavors come out.

Nose: Deep cocoa notes, some ethanol.
Palete: Chocolate, butterscotch perhaps a bit of oak. Mellow, warm, delicious. Unlike some other whiskies I have tried, this has the same flavor on the back palete. Has a maple syrup-like mouthfeel. Long finish.

Would be great to get a chance to compare this with the recent special release, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, 2015 – but that runs well over $200 on the secondary maket – yet the reviews for it don’t appear spectacularly better than this bottle. Would it really be ten times better?

Coming soon, a comparative taste test between Old Forester Signature and Woodford Reserve, two very similar bourbons from Brown-Forman.

Woodford Reserve and Old Forester 100 comparison


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