Givon Emerald Riesling

From Israel, Barkan Winery, יקבי ברקן‎‎, in Petah Tikva

White Wine, 11.5% ABV, 23 proof

Barkan Winery

Barkan in Israel


What is riesling?

This wine comes from grapes in the Barkan vineyards in Mazkeret Batya and the Dan region. Adam Montefiore writes:

The Emerald Riesling grape first appeared in 1948, a very important year, which coincided with the birth of the State of Israel. It was [a cross of ] Muscadelle and Riesling grapes. The idea was to replicate some of the characteristics of the cool-climate Riesling in a new variety that would give better yields and be more suitable in a warmer climate.

It was originally planted in California…In the 1970s they made aliya together, brought here by the Israeli Wine Institute…. Emerald Riesling became a big hit, becoming Israel’s most popular wine.

[By the 70’s] Israelis started a move towards preferring to drink white wines. By the mid 1980s, 75 percent of the wine sales were whites [but Emerald Riesling still commands a meaningful market share.] Most of the Emerald Riesling vineyards are planted in the southern Mount Carmel region or in the Central Coastal Plain. …It has a blowzy, flowery character and a slightly spicy finish. … [It] should not be confused with the noble Riesling variety, which produces world-famous wines in Germany,… Emerald Riesling is still the leading semi-dry white wine sold in Israel.

Emerald but not really Riesling, by Adam Montefiore

What makes a wine kosher? (to be added)

Kosher Mevushal, Supervision: OK CCS Petach Tikvah



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