Gentleman Jack

Although I don’t enjoy regular Jack Daniels, Gentleman Jack is an upscale version, and said to be worth trying. And hey, just check out this photo from their Facebook page – anything that looks this good, must be good, right?

Image from Jack Daniel’s Facebook page

It is charcoal-mellowed twice. One before and once after the aging process. Supposed to be produce a cleaner flavor. Maybe to others, but I found it  distasteful, and couldn’t figure out why it cost so much more than regular Jack.

For comparison I had Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey. This has a high rye content (28%), aged at least 6 years in charred American white oak. Bulleit is an NDP, and I wasn’t able to ascertain the origin of this whiskey – but it’s good. Smooth and flavorful. 91 proof.
Gentleman Jack Bulleit Bourbon Chivas Regal

Let’s get one possible controversy out of the way: Jack Daniels is a bourbon. In the United States of America, there are laws on how all spirits, including whiskeys, are classified. They are defined by the US Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB.) And in the US Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Chapter 4. Class and Type Designation  there are no designations for Tennessee Whiskey – Jack Daniels falls squarely under the category of ‘bourbon’.

Whiskey historian and author Chuck Cowdery examines this issue in detail, explaining how one company led their state to create a new name for their style of bourbon, for advertising purposes.

What’s in a Name? If It’s “Tennessee Whiskey,” a Lot, Chuck Cowdery

A Tennessee Whiskey History Lesson, Chuck Cowdery

Let’s Be Clear About This Tennessee Whiskey Thing, Chuck Cowdery

Tennessee Whiskey, Again. Chuck Cowdery




  1. I’m sorry, but I just did not really understand this article at all.

    He stated that he doesn’t like Jack Daniels, but never tells us why. Just that he doesn’t like it.

    Then I believe he misses the point that Jack Daniels likely does not meet all the necessary criteria to be called a bourbon, which is most likely why they call it “Tenessee Whiskey”.

    Then he says he finds Gentleman Jack “distasteful” but again never tells us how or why.

    Then, almost as if out of context, he tells he really likes the Bullet.

    Then the article just abruptly ends with no closing or summary.

    He never even mentions the bottle of Chivas Regal he has pictured.


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