Doorly’s Myers’s Mount Gay and Gosling Rum

Mount Gay Barbados Rum Black Barrel

Small-batch handcrafted rum. Est. 1703. 86 proof.

A blend of double distilled pot and single column distilled rums, finished in an ex-bourbon barrel.

Sweet nose and a hint of caramel, rich and promising – but wait, what is this funky additional note? I can’t name it, but I’ve read that this is characteristic of some Jamaican rums – although this is from Barbados. You can taste the molasses and spice, in some ways perhaps like a light whiskey. The finish is slightly astringent, but not unpleasantly so.  Maybe something like anise?  I admit that I’m disappointed not to pick up any bourbon notes. As a whiskey drinker, this isn’t something that I would enjoy straight, but it would be nice in a cocktail.

Doorly’s XO Fine Old Barbados Rum

40 proof.

Aged in Oak barrels, followed by a second aging in barrels that formerly held Spanish Oloroso Sherry. A light amber color. The nose is pleasant but very mild. I got a bit more ethanol then flavor. But the taste exceeds the nose. The flavors are warm, bright, gentle – you can drink this straight with ice, or use as an excellent quality mixer.  I’m shocked at how good this is. Until recently this was sold for around $33 in the USA, but apparently do to various trade incentives, the American price dropped to just $17/bottle, sold at Total Wine. This is an amazing value.

Gosling’s black seal Bermuda black rum.

80 proof. Product of Bermuda.

Beautiful dark amber color. A rich rum nose. Dark and complex. Upon tasting there are some pleasant caramel notes, but it’s a bit harsh and astringent, I’m getting more ethanol and bite then I would like. The finish is unfortunately a bit unpleasant.

Myers’s Rum

First made in 1879. A blend of up to 9 Jamaican rums, aged in small oak barrels for a number of years. Made by National Rums of Jamaica and Myers Rum Company in Nassau, Bahamas.

Rum Doorly's Goslings Myers's and Mount Gay

Oh my goodness, my first thought is that they put coal tar in here? This is foul smelling. I’m trying to detect something pleasant in the nose, but it makes me gag. Never experienced anything like this in a spirit before.

But in for a penny, in for a pound – let’s taste this. And…. my adventuresome spirit has been richly rewarded by the taste of asphalt and perhaps shoe rubber. Honestly this is the first spirit that has made me gag. But wait, I’m a newbie to this. Had some water, waited, tried again – but it never got better.

What do other people experience? On his review, the cocktail geeks says that those has “aromas of stewed prunes, manure, apples, plump raisins, butter toffee.” – whoah – manure?! Ok, it’s not just me.

But then I saw other reviews from people who enjoyed it. They said that it is “supposed to taste like this” as it is used in some exotic cocktails, or even in baking. But that doesn’t save it for me. Verdict? Requires an exorcism.

Fright Night Roddy Exorcism


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