Old Grand Dad and OGD Bottled-in-bond

Old Grand-Dad 80 proof, a near bottom-shelf bargain, is a fine bourbon. It just goes to show that there’s little relationship between price and one’s favorite flavor profile. I also enjoy Basil Hayden’s, which is an extra aged version of Old Grand-Dad.  What we have here to compare it with is Old Grand Dad 100 Proof, bottled in bond.


The bonded OGD is aged for at least two more years than the standard version, but perhaps for somewhat less time than the Basil Hayden’s. Also the bonded version is 100 Proof, which packs a much more powerful punch.

People studying the distillery report that both Basil Hayden, Old Grand Dad, and Old Grand Dad Bonded all share the same yeast, mash bill, barrels, and rickhouse.

I’m enjoying both, and I find the bonded version to be deeper and richer in flavor. Unlike some drinkers I haven’t acquired a taste for the extremely high proof alcohol. So I find a better comparison is to add a splash of water, to compare the whiskies at equal proof. When the ice cube in the bonded melted, I could detect more of the flavors, and I do find it a bit more flavorful. This is definitely a winner. And much more affordable per ounce than Basil Hayden’s. Highly recommended.

There’s a great history of Basil Hayden’s and Old Grand Dad here, discussing the difference between Hayden’s and OGD.  Old Grand Dad 80 proof vs. Basil Hayden’s: From The Whisk(e)y Room

Cheers from New England! (Blizzard of February ’17)

Old Grand Dad Blizzard
Old Grand Dad Blizzard

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