Hirsch Reserve

Hirsch Reserve, selected straight bourbon whiskey

At $40 a bottle I wasn’t quite willing to try small batch Hirsch Reserve, selected straight bourbon whiskey. Aged 7 years. But when I saw it on sale for $22, I thought I would pick up a bottle.

Hirsch Reserve

The source is MGP, a major distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana that creates huge amounts of a variety of whiskeys, and then sells it to bottling companies which may finish it with additional aging in other barrels, or charcoal filter.  Those bottling companies then sell the finished product – which is often little changed from what MGP produces – under their own label (and sometimes sold misleadingly as artisan or small batch.) Here Anchor Distilling Company is the bottler, and they don’t hide the fact that this is MGP sourced whiskey. Aged 7 to 9 years. Light amber color. A smooth and unexpectedly tangy nose – floral and yeasty. On the palate there is a caramel corn flavor – and maybe some kind of nut, pralines? Faintly sweet and fruity.  Growing on me 🙂

Their website notes: The rye is sourced from Northern Europe, and the corn comes from Indiana and Ohio. The high rye content adds a distinctive spice character that balances the sweetness of the corn…barreled at 120 proof, which is amongst the lowest in the industry and imparts a smoother taste profile. The oak is a #4 char around the base and a #2 char at the head of the barrel.
– from Anchor Distilling.com – Hirsch


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