Beat 3 Whiskey from New Hampshire

I had the privilege of touring Djinn Spirits, a craft distillery located in Nashua, New Hampshire. It is under the proprietorship of Andy and Cindy Harthcock. Easily accessible just off of Amherst Street, it’s in a quiet, unassuming long industrial building, with a friendly store and tasting area in front. Only three years old, Djinn now features several whiskies and liquors.

Djinn Spirits Nashua bottles
Beat 3 White Whiskey, Barley mash. Basically, moonshine, filtered, and then “aged” for four days in charred American oak barrels. This moonshine is sweet and powerful. Would be great as a mixer.

Beat 3 Reserve Whiskey, Barley mash. Aged for four months in charred American oak barrels. Gaining in color, and developing some whiskey flavors, this was richer, and noticeably different from the white whiskey.

Beat 3 Single Malt Whiskey, Barley mash. A small-batch whiskey, aged for a year, in 15-gallon barrels. This is where things get really good – I’m normally a bourbon drinker, yet this easy, clean sweet whiskey feels special. Sure, it’s young – we’re not comparing it to a 20 year old Scotch from a distillery that’s been around half as long as America. But taken on the appropriately centered sliding scale for new craft distillers, this is a winner.

Djinn Spirits tasting at home

When you enter Djinn Spirits, you enter the office and tasting room.

Djinn Spirits Nashua interior

If you take a tour – highly recommended, you’ll see every step of the distillation and aging.

Djinn Spirits Nashua rack


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