Coconut Jack rum

Produced by White Rock Distilleries – but “produced” does not mean distilled. Where is it from? USA, or Carribean? No idea.

Bon Accord Real Ale and Whiskey Pub, North Street, Glasgow. From WikiCommons

What kind of still was used? No information available. What we can say is that it is obviously adulterated with artificial coconut flavors and sugar (if it had had natural coconut flavors then they would have said so) I couldn’t find any information about the added sugar content.

How to review something like this? There is no pretension of this being a fine rum, nor was it intended as something to sip straight. This is made cheaply to be used for cocktails. Goes well with Coca Cola, pineapple juice, or Cran-raspberry. Great for parties, especially given it’s cheap price point. Yet when sipped straight or on the rocks? Nope. Too sweet – all coconut and sweetness, very little actual rum flavor.

How much sugar is in here? No idea.  Although real rum is an analog of whiskey, many rums have added sugar. Just read about one which had an added 30 grams per liter – and yet this addition is not disclosed on the label. Even Papa’s Pilar 24 Dark Rum has only 15 g/liter. ( that’s a favorite rum of mine.)

For comparison, Coca-Cola has about 95 grams of sugar per liter. So if we drink a 50 ml serving of Papa’s Pilar, that translates to less than 1 gram of sugar. That’s cool – but also about the max I would want in a rum. So how much is in this one? No way to know.

Too much sugar is a big reason why I don’t drink cocktails anymore. They’re often huge amounts of sugar, glycerin, and artificial flavorings and colors , disguising low quality grain neutral spirits.


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