Old Ezra 7

Old Ezra Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Aged 7 Years


Charcoal filtered after aging. 50.5% abv, 101 proof.
Usually $25, but on sale for $18 in New Hampshire.
Mash Bill is 78% corn, 10% rye, and 12% malted barley

Who exactly is Old Ezra? They aren’t a distillery. They’re owned by Luxco, which uses the name “Old Ezra” to sell whiskey actually distilled, aged, and bottled in Kentucky by Heaven Hill – and that’s a good thing. Heaven Hill is a well-known, family owned American distillery with a heritage that goes back to the 1930’s.

Why did Luxco resurrect the name Ezra Brooks? That name has a long history in of itself. The Sipp’n Corn blog tells the story here Copycat Whiskey, the Story of Ezra Brooks and Jack Daniel’s. That story aside, let’s get to the review.

Nose: Not too much here, hints of vanilla and oak.

Palette: Oaky, a dash of black pepper. Perhaps a bit like Jim Beam. I think I’m getting a little of the barrel char (and if only just barely, that’s not a bad thing.) Pretty strong, unless smoothed out with some ice or water. I initially purchased this because another reviewer said it tasted like 10 year old Henry McKenna BiB – which would have been great. Well, okay, I didn’t find this to be the case. But Old Ezra is a decent sipper nonetheless – and a good value. As the hashtag says, #respectthebottomshelf .



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