Seagram’s Seven Crown

A blended American whiskey produced by Diageo

At one point a very popular whiskey blend in the United States, but it’s sales are only a fraction of its former self. Now, I’m old enough to remember the advertisements in classic magazines; some of their ads back in the day sure made it seem terrific, case in point:


Buyer beware – under US TTB regulations, all true whiskey is labeled as straight whiskey, while anything labeled as blended whiskey may be as little as 20% whiskey, with the rest being GNS (grain neutral) spirits (cheap vodka) plus flavorings.

This is a blended whiskey, in this case being only 25% whiskey. So let’s call it brown vodka.

But is it any good? {sound of drink being poured} A decent amber color, and gentle nose, with just a scent of something sweet. Ok, maybe this will be fine. {drinking, sensing the flavors..} HOLY TARNATION, WHAT IS THIS SADNESS?

This is nothing that I recognize as whiskey. Just a medicinal taste that reminds me of something unpronounceable that the doctor proscribed once when I was seven years old. I thought that I’d escaped that nightmare – but no, now the memory returns. The horror, the horror.

2 Thumbs down.


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