Bozwin Palestine Whisky

Until the 1950’s, the word “Palestinian” referred to Jews, and “Palestine” to The British Mandate of Palestine – a part of the United Kingdom that included what today is Jordan, Israel, West Bank, and Gaza. This region previously was part of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. It existed from WWI to 1948. During this era, there was a Jewish community known as the Yishuv (ישוב). Not only did Jewish residents produce wine – they also produced whisky.



See “The Rare Find” by Gary He, on Drambox:

Bozwin, which roughly translates to “Beauty of Zion” was a brand created in the late 1920s by Mendel Chaikin, a Russian immigrant who founded M. Chaikin & Company, a London-based wine and spirit merchant. The company purchased kosher wine, spirits, and liquers in bulk from what is now modern day Israel, and shipped them back to London for bottling and sale to a growing Jewish community in the East End of London. The head offices for M. Chaikin & Co. were located at 72-74 Brick Lane, down the street from what was once the Spitalfields Great Synagogue.

See The Rare Find Bozwin Palestine Whisky. On Drambox


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