Dewar’s and Macallan 12

Dewar’s White Label blended Scotch whiskey. How can one not try this? It’s the top-selling blended Scotch in the USA, and has won hundreds of medals in  international competitions…. although whether they actually mean anything is a story for another day!

And then let’s compare with the famous Macallan 12 year old Scotch.

Black Bush Dewars Macallan and Kraken Rum


Dewar’s White Label: Didn’t impress me the first time I tried it. But a few months later I thought it was time for a revisit. Glad that I tried this again, because…. just goes to show that sometimes I get it right. Not getting much in the way of pleasant flavor.
Nose: Some faint fruit, alcohol, boring.
Palate: Some decent body, that’s good – but the alcohol is harsh, and there’s no warmth or meaningful flavor. No finish to speak of.

The Macallan 12 Year: 86 proof. Mash bill 100% malted barley. The distillery is in Moray, northeast Scotland. Macallan is owned by the Edrington Group. Aged in oak sherry casks from Jerez, Spain.
Color: Copper/Amber.
Nose: Sherry, amaretto, oak.
Palate: Sweet, sherry, plums, has a round mouthfeel. Definitely some smokiness, although this isn’t a peated whiskey. By far, my favorite of the three whiskies that I tried this evening.

Still, some of Dewar’s vintage ads are outstanding, so they have that going for them!

Dewar's White Label classic ad

And this classic ad from 1979/

Dewqar's Profiles White Label 1979




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