Crown Royal

After my father passed away I brought his last bottle of whiskey home with me. Crown Royal, blended Canadian. Our tradition is to say, זיכרונו לברכה – Zichrono li’vrachah, may your memory be for a blessing.

Every time I think of my family, and look at my daughter, and know how much she loves you, I know that it already has been a blessing.

Crown Royal

As for the reviews

Crown Royal – to be added.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye – Blended Canadian Whisky. Harsher than a few of the others that I have tasted. It does have a distinctive taste due to it’s high rye content. The rye aspect of it is refreshing, but as a straight drink, too much for me. Turns out to be good with ginger ale, which makes sense: Rye whiskey is generally used as a mixer.


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